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The Baker

Michelle can still remember falling asleep to the sound of a kitchen mixer the nights before her birthdays as a child. Though her mom introduced her to the world of baking, Michelle's personal journey took off after college, when she would go on her weekly grocery runs with the primary question of “What new thing can I bake for my colleagues this week?” Various baking experiments appeared frequently in the faculty lounge at the school where Michelle taught.

Among other things, she learned how to achieve the perfect level of browned-but-not-burnt butter and that she would leave the cake pop making to Starbucks. Her husband and her sister have been her biggest cheerleaders to start a home baking business while also being a stay-at-home parent. She is excited to bring her sweets to you and yours.


Why can't I pick up my cookies ASAP?

I'm currently operating on a made-to-order model, so thank you for your patience and support!

Do you offer shipping?

So sorry! Texas cottage food law requires the direct-to-consumer interaction to be in person. 

Do you offer delivery?

Not currently, but hopefully in the near future! If you would like to meet somewhere to pick up your cookies, please indicate that in your order details.

Can I place a large/custom order?

Happy to chat! Please send a message through the Contact page or email me at with details. Just FYI, I don't do iced cookies, cake pops, or pies.

Are you a professionally trained baker?

No, I'm self-taught, primarily through Google and baking blogs. My favorites include Smitten Kitchen, Broma Bakery, Sally's Baking AddictionThe Candid Appetite, and Joy the Baker. I took one pastry class for fun once years ago!

Can you teach me to bake?

I'm more than happy to give you tips! (Unlike baking, I did earn certification to teach.) Feel free to message me through the Contact page or email me at!


All cookie photos by Dan Chung Photography

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